Raio Mary
Save Misty the Dolphin

We are OVERJOYED to share the news of what COULD POSSIBLY be the beginning of the END of the Taiji dolphin hunt for the 2011-2012 season. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to every Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian and Save Japan Dolphins Cove Monito…r who has made the huge sacrifice to travel to Taiji to stand and bear witness. We are so thankful to everyone in the Save Misty the Dolphin Community. YOU ALL are true heroes for the dolphins. Thank you for calling, emailing, faxing, signing petitions, spreading the word, and for just being here to support one another. We will never forget any of the dolphins whose lives were shattered in the Cove and we vow to NEVER BE SILENT AND NEVER GIVE UP UNTIL THE LAST ONE IS FREE
AND THE COVE IS BLUE FOREVER! — Save Misty the Dolphin