Dutch government: speak out against injustice!

Next week, on Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd, Dutch Minister of Economy, Maxime Verhagen will visit Japan where he will talk to Japanese ministers and businesses about commerce and investments. He has no intention to talk about the slaughter of 23.000 dolphins in towns like Taiji or about Erwin Vermeulen, who is held hostage by the Japanese government since the 16th of December 2011 after he allegedly shoved someone.

Erwin Vermeulen traveled from the Netherlands, EU to Japan as a photographer for Sea Shepherd to capture images of the horrific Taiji dolphin massacre. Since the 16th of December 2011, the day he was arrested, he is kept in a solitary environment and is given hot water to dump over himself twice a week; these are his only showers.

The annual slaughter of dolphins in Taiji receives the attention of animal rights activists worldwide and as of 2010 the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has an ongoing presence of volunteers standing watch on site at the Cove… much to the frustration of Japanese fishermen.

Up until now, the Dutch government does exactly the same for the Taiji dolphins and Erwin as they do for the whales who are killed by Japanese whalers: absolutely nothing! They simply don’t think it’s their problem.

It’s up to us to grab this opportunity and make the Dutch government understand animal cruelty and dying oceans are everybody’s problem! Please send our example letter or tweet (below) to Minister Verhagen before the 21st of February and politely ask him to take a stand against the Taiji dolphin massacre / demand the immediate release of Erwin Vermeulen.


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  • Share this action with your friends and ask them to protest the annual slaughter of 23.000 dolphins also.
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