Welcome to Maxfield… and their 2012 collection

At the beginning of a campaign by Fur Free West Hollywood, celebrity-driven Maxfield agreed to remove and end the sale of all fur – like baby blankets and motor cycle helmets – from their West Hollywood store. They removed the fur, but then restocked it and actively oppose to a planned fur ban in West Hollywood by writing letters to the Mayor and other people of importance.

This Saturday (11th of February from 12 pm – 2 pm) Fur Free West Hollywood organizes an anti-fur protest outside Maxfield.

Important! Leading up to the protest we ask you to let Maxfield know what happens when they break their promise to the animals: send them as many protest mails as possible for the next 3 days and tell your friends to do the same!

* this is an action by Fur Free West Hollywood


Act now ►►► contact Maxfield LA:

  • Email them. Create your own message or simply copy and paste the example letter at the bottom of this page (don’t forget to sign it at the end) and send it to the address below.
  • Send them our example Facebook message.
  • Call and leave this page open. The example letter contains all the information you need!
  • Send a fax. Simply use the example letter below.
  • Share this action with your friends and ask them to send a protest mail to Maxfield as well.
  • Let us know when you receive a reaction in response to your email, fax, etc. You can reach us using our contact formFacebook or Twitter.

Contact details Maxfield LA:

8825 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Phone: 00 1 310 274 8800
Fax: 00 1 310 657 8880
Email: info@maxfieldla.comprotest@3dayz.com*
Facebook: facebook.com/Maxfield.LA